puppyCMS Flat File CMS

A lightweight, flat file, database-free content management system for SEO types among others.

Have you ever wanted to start a website? Of course you have. Have you ever wanted to start a website very quickly by uploading just a few files and have an excellent content management system waiting for you? Without having to set up a MySQL database? With a lovely and very easy to use template system? That was REALLY SEO friendly?

Then you came to the right place :-D

puppyCMS is just for you!

puppyCMS is a very small - just a few files at its smallest - responsive flat file content management system that runs on PHP 5. If you want to build a simple 1-150 page site using PHP and no database, that is responsive, SEO-friendly and very lightweight in code, then puppyCMS is probably what you're looking for.

In fact, this very site was created entirely using puppyCMS. Even though I wrote puppyCMS, I still smiled at how easy it was to build this site afterwards!

It takes just a few seconds to download and upload in order for puppyCMS to start to be useful to you. It is a tiny, but very empowering way to start a new web project in a short space of time.


There are several themes included with puppyCMS that should give enough variation for any kind of simple site. Each of these themes is fully customisable.

Markdown (now Markdown Extra)

puppyCMS uses Markdown Extra language which allows writers to just write, without having to learn a ton of html, but at the same time is very powerful and produces wonderfully tight HTML output.